Chair Caning and Seat Weaving

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Irving TX

Types of Caning We Do

  • Hand Caning
  • Blind Caning
  • Pressed Cane
  • Paper Rush
  • Splint Seats
  • Danish Cord

We have been caning chairs since 1981, give us a call or email us

Leaf corners rush weaving.

New England Porch weave.

Windsor chair rush weaving.

Chair Caning Base Prices

All prices listed below are base prices. Firm estimates are giving after visual inspection.

  • Hand Caning Seat $2.00 per drilled hole plus $20 materials.

  • Hand Caning Back $2.50 per drilled hole plus $20 materials.
  • Blind Caning $3.00 per drilled hole plus $20 materials.

  • Double Blind caning $4.00 per drilled hole plus $20 materials.
  • Pressed Cane Seat labor $125.00 plus materials.

  • Pressed Cane Back labor $135.00 plus materials.
  • Above prices for pressed cane do not apply to barrel chairs.
  • Paper Rush seat $135.00 labor plus $25 materials.

  • Paper Rush back $150 plus $25 materials.
  • Above prices for paper rush are for standard chairs.Does not include round or triangle shaped chairs. Metal framed chairs or Windsor type chairs

All other types of weaving splints, Danish cord, pretwisted or real rush, wicker and others require visual inspection before quote.


Cane & Basket Supplies

How to Cane Videos

If you decide to pursue chair caning further. I recommend a couple of books, The Caners Handbook by Miller & Widess. Can be purchased at Cane & Basket, see link above

If you can find Chair Seating Techniques in Cane, Rush, Willow & Cords by Johnson, Barratt & Butcher, it is well worth the money. It covers alot more caning techniques and patterns. These ladies know seat weaving.