Chair Caning and Seat Weaving

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Irving TX

Types of Caning We Do

  • Hand Caning
  • Blind Caning
  • Pressed Cane
  • Paper Rush
  • Splint Seats
  • Danish Cord

We have been caning chairs since 1981, give us a call or email us

Leaf corners rush weaving.

New England Porch weave.

Windsor chair rush weaving.

Progression of a Suspended Medallion

Step one hand caned suspended medallion.

Step two of caning medallion

Step three hand caning medallion

Step four of hand caned medallion

Finished hand caned medallion


Cane & Basket Supplies

How to Cane Videos

If you decide to pursue chair caning further. I recommend a couple of books, The Caners Handbook by Miller & Widess. Can be purchased at Cane & Basket, see link above

If you can find Chair Seating Techniques in Cane, Rush, Willow & Cords by Johnson, Barratt & Butcher, it is well worth the money. It covers alot more caning techniques and patterns. These ladies know seat weaving.